Oregon Adventure

Topping out of "Voyage of the Cowdog" (5.9), Smith Rock State ParkBald Eagle, Smith Rock State ParkBald Eagle, Smith RockRafts at Davidson, Deschutes River"Teddy Bears Picnic" (5.10a), Smith Rock State ParkDawn over Oregon from "Three Fingered Jack"Rafts at Redside, Deschutes RiverTrout Creek Climbing, Deschutes RiverAt home on the river, DeschutesCampfire on the Owyhee, Owyhee RiverCamp on Mount JeffersonClackamas River Put-inCrux move on "Voyage of the Cowdog" (5.9)Greeley Bar Campsite, Owyhee RiverGreeley BarGroup at Sunset, Prouty Point, Sisters WildernessGroup Hiking Silhoutte, Mt Adams WildernessHiking through the Lupin, Sisters WildernessTrout Creek Climbing, Deschutes RiverTrout Creek Columns,Slow dawn on the Reed Glacier Headwall, Mt HoodWidgi Block Handhold, Widgi TraverseWidgi Block TraverseStars moving over camp, Deschutes RiverEnjoying life on the raft, Lower DeschutesCamp on the lower Deschutes riverGroup meeting, Mt Jefferson WildernessBouldering, Mt Jeffereson WildernessLeading a group up the Hayden GlacierCamp on Mt JeffersonOvercoming the CorniceRime ice high on the Reed Glacier Headwall, Mt HoodDawn SilhoutteSummit of Three fingered Jack with Mt Jefferson beyondLeading up the Reed GlacierReed Glacier Headwall, Mt HoodOne long morning, getting near the summit on the Reed Glacier Headwall, Mt HoodTrevor on the Upper Headwall, Mt Hood