Washington Landscape

Looking down the Copper Valley, North CascadesDawn from Copper Mountain, North CascadesView from Hidden Lake Lookout, North CascadesSunrise from "the Pouch", North CascadesGlacier Peak from Mt Maude, Entiat WildernessGlacier PeakUpper Ice Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness, North CascadesMisty morning in the North CascadesAnother spectacular camp, North CascadesSnow bent Aspen Hidden Lake Lookout, Hidden Lake PeakDecomposing woodNew LifeStorm brewing in Copper Valley, North CascadesStars moving over camp in the North CascadesWater droplets lining upStand out larchesIce in the creekLarch needles lining the creekWindows of Hidden Lake LookoutHidden Lake lookoutSunset from Matia Island, San JuanChanging of the seasons in the Sawtooth WildernessRainbow over copper valleySunrise over Copper MountainKangaroo Ridge from the Temple BasinLooking back toward the Temple, North CascadesTurtle Lake FallsTurtle Lake in OctoberKangaroo ridge from Copper Mountain, Waterfall in the Sawtooth Wilderness