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Tiger Leaping Gorge

Just back from Yunnan, China and have a couple of different blog posts coming. I was based in Lijiang with Asia Pacific Adventure for the last month starting with ten days of work and ending with a week of work and twelve days off in-between. Work has been fun though interesting at times with stolen gear and staff getting Guardia (including myself) but always with amazing views and great food. A major part of the program in Lijiang is the hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Yangtze river. This is probably one of the most beautiful commercialised hikes in the world so I thought I would start with these shots and then the next post will be about time off.

The view from Tea Horse Guest house toward Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We stopped here for lunch on both programs.
Looking up the valley toward Quiatou.
Some students playing a game on “Inspiration Terrace” at Halfway House with JDSM in the background. This was one of the original guesthouses in the gorge and I actually stayed here when I first hiked the gorge in 2000. It had two bedrooms when I stayed there originally and now has space for 80people.
Morning light over the peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (5596m). The actual summit is much further back, the Chinese say this has not been climb but the internet disagrees with some americans claiming the first ascent in 1987 (though without a permit as it is a holy mountain)
Traditional building by the side of the trail.
Bright green right terraces in the valley below the trail.
Woman wearing traditional Naxi (Na-Shee) dress.

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