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Okay so all the images are not uploading but there was only two left anyway. I seem to be doing laps of certain areas right now on the 4 crew 22day course in oregon. Lots of time spent on Three Fingered Jack with groups that did or did not summit, lots of hiking up and down one short (4mile) section of the pacific crest trail and a fair amount of time spent on base packing food for all the groups. I have tried to spend some time learning new photography techniques but it seems a little hard on a short amount of sleep.

Trevor sorting webbing for the fixed lines on Three Fingered Jack (530am)
Dressed for anything.
I should probably know what this is. Its probably a weed but looks great this time of year.
The staff of the 4 crew course taken with the fisheye lens on the first day. Jay, Erin, Trevor, Paul, Mandi, Maxine, Karen, Molly, Stu, Brettt, Brighton, Daniel, Jor-El, Nadia, Me, Meagan, Ashley, Rusty and Jay
A poor attempt at a circular 360degree panorama. I totally messed up the “nadir” (or feet) shots but still feels good to stitch 42 images together. The peak to the top left (actually North) is Mt Jefferson and the bottom right (actually south) is the Sisters Wilderness.

Next – a climbing trip to Squamish BC.
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