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Adventure Time

I thought I try and fit one last post in from Hong Kong before its time for fun and adventures once more.  Yesterday was my last day of work for a while after another busy season with Asia Pacific Adventure.  The last month has been pretty busy with work and bad weather which has meant no climbing and not really anything much except work actually.  November and the horrific Mo came to and end finally and I am back to not having an itchy upper lip.  I did have a slightly more relaxed week at work last week and managed to take some photos on program.

 Chisum, Ken and I (the dream team?) at the end of another program in the Beer Garden and the last day with the handlebar style moustache! – Yes Ken is drinking half pints!

 Not taking a nap – Miles tried to hide in the rubber tubes so we pushed him over.

 Kyle bringing the dragon boat home at Wong Yi Chau last week.  It was overcast and rainy most of the week but still a lot of fun (especially seeing as we were staying in dorms!)

 An old abandoned house at Wong Yi Chau village in Sai Kung.  There are loads of these old villages in the new territories but less and less people living in them.  Its amazing to walk along and come across these buildings that probably had people living in them not long ago.

 The Swimming pool in Luk Wu gorge.  No swimming this week but it was beautiful hiking weather.

 Black and White HDR shot of Wong Yi Chau pier.

 The 2012 staff team.

Another shot from the end of SPCC.  5 photo stitch.  L-R – James, Ant, Curtis, Al, Adam, Gabby, Gnani. Eben, Choy, Kyle.

Today I have a new climbing rope uncoiled, a pile of quickdraws and am trying to pack my bags.  Hannah flies in in a couple of hours and then its off on adventures for the next while – first stop a sport climbing trip to Yangshou…..

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Its been a busy last couple of weeks with lots of work and the odd day out and about in Hong Kong looking for adventures.  I have also been taking part in Movember this year for the first time ever.  Thank you to all the sponsors so far and know that the moustache is coming in thick and strong (and itchy).  Photos from the last couple of weeks.
Gnani (my only real competeition at this stage) and I one week into movember

 Eben on the crag classic at Beacon hill “Lizard” 7a.

 A quick night shot on my way home one day.

 Another night shot from the top of the ferry pier where i get the boat home.

 I spent two days out on Tung Lung Island with Geordie and Nikolai chopping old bolts and replacing them with Glue ins.  Gear being sorted.

 One hole down – This was a long dusty couple of days grinding, drilling, cleaning and glueing.  You can just make out the start of the moustache – I think this was on the 2nd of Movemeber

 Still going in the evening of day one.  Geordie grinding the old Tyrolean bolts

 Nikolai and Geordie messing with one of Mr Wongs kittens.

 Miles, Giles, Matt and I made an early morning dash to Lion Rock to do a mass ascent of the classic climb “Gweilo”.  Here Miles seems less than certain of Giles choice of legwear and his way of getting past him.

 Busted – Matt pulling on quickdraws on the crux pitch.

 Mile on the traverse pitch

 At the top being very chinese about it.  Hilarious day of banter climbing as a massive group.

 Last weekend Giles and I tried to find a route on Mt Stenhouse on Lamma which the old guidebook describes as a traditional classic.  Called “Aardclimb” and graded HVS 5a.  The approach, as expected, was  pure jungle scwacking to get to the base.  It actually did look like someone has been there recently.  The climb probably has not been done in years and we were met with a lot of vegetation.

Giles “cleaning” the second pitch.  He did in fact get to a position where he was standing on the thing hes holding onto in this shot before we realised how horrible the rest of the climbing looked (you can see the crack above him filled with grass and bushes)

 Giles “Do I look like Bear Grylls” Cranston alone in a sea of bushes on our retreat

Panoramic shot of hong kong from the end of last month from the top of Kowloon peak.

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Hong Kong Life

Heading off to Yangshou, China tonight for some climbing and a bit of a holiday but thought I would throw some photos up on the blog taken in the last few weeks. Its been a busy couple of weeks and that added to the main lens I use slowly dieing has meant that I have not been taking quite as many photos as usual…

Pak Sha Wan (Hebe Haven) at night with Ma On Shan in the background (Ma On Shan is the peak) taken from Wong Sui Seng. Hong Kong folks might know this better as the peninsular W of Sai Kung with Trio beach on it.
The patter of tiny feet – I took a couple of these as some students ran around on an evening scavenger hunt at Wong Sui Seng
The 21st floor – Probably taken around 7am, the first challenge of every program is getting all the (correct) gear from the store on the 21st floor into the back of the truck on the 5th floor!
Bioluminescence – probably the brightest I have ever seen on the Wan Tsai peninsular. This image is not photoshoped, this was a couple of minutes of exposure at a high ISO speed with about 15 people chucking rocks into the water the whole time. The far small pin pricks of light are probably fish breaking the surface for food.
Hong Kong signs never fail to amuse. Taken with my new fancy pants Ipod after my very old one gave up the ghost.

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Hong Kong Days

I am now once again busy with work back in Hong Kong, living on the beautiful lamma island and trying to fit some days of climbing and fun into my work schedule. Work over the last couple of weeks has been a shock to the system working with groups as young as 8 year olds and trying to remember how to get around the Hong Kong public transport system. I have managed a few days climbing which has been great as the pain in my ribs is now almost totally gone.

James staring at the crux on the fourth pitch of “Gweilo” (6a or 5.10b) a classic multi pitch on Lion Rock.

A work photo – Col and Juillian teaching absieling at Shek O. The weather has been a mixed bag with some amazingly hot days (around 30degrees C) and others like this that feel a little more like Scotland.
The view from the base of Lion Rock back towards the Kowloon peninsular
James coming up the 3rd pitch of Gweilo.
Me looking pleased with myself on the top of Lion Rock, taken by James after finishing Gwielo.
Unknown climber on something hard at Lion Rock, looking east towards the New Territories and Sai Kung
The morning ferry ride into Central from Lamma island. This journey never really gets boring.

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