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Grand Canyon – The People

Finally have a good internet connection after a couple of months on the road. I have a couple of blog posts coming up but first up some photos from the 22day grand canyon rafting trip. We launched on the 27th of October and for the most part had glorious weather. Probably the best part of the trip was just being in a beautiful place with good people. Amazingly we were all still talking after 22 days and even chose to hang out for another week together afterwards!

Fairly early in the trip (you can tell as the water is not yet muddy brown) on the raft with Clare, Whitney and Bob.
Jason and Jor-El doing some acrobatics to get the inflatable kayak (and bob) up the “silver grotto” side canyon.
The first of many fancy dress nights – Steve and Cori at halloween
Steve, Anders, Bob and Meagan – Another intense game of Batchi Ball in camp
Steve and Jason take a big hit (a little sideways) in the bottom wave of Lava falls
Bob and Clares one year wedding anniversary.
Playing “Jungle Jam” in camp.

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