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Busy Weeks

Just back from the lower Salmon after a busy couple of weeks. I had promised Brie that I would climb the Monkey with her before the end of the season. Time was getting shorter so we headed out for an evening ascent of “Monkey off my Back” (5.9, Ao) during my prep days. Then on to the Deschutes river as a course director then straight back to base to prep the for the next river (in Idaho) the Lower Salmon family and Adult course.

Brie pulling through the final aid moves before the final pitch as the sun goes down (we topped out at sunset)
The stars spinning around the north star with a group camped below on the Deschutes river (camped at Ed Rogers)
Mike Mourar running the right side of Oak Springs with his umbrella up.
Paddle cat flip drills on the Lower Salmon (Caitlin and Lauren)
Part of the massive lightning storm that passed over us on the 4th day on the Salmon. My camera was the only thing that was dry during this – I could have rung my sleeping bag out the next morning!
Making dinner
One of the best things about work – working with good friends, Meagan, Myself and Nadia dressed for success.
I have been working on this a bit this summer – an HDR image of rafts in camp. (Three images at different exposures overlayed on top of each other to bring out more vibrancy)

Now I just have to get ready for Rach and Chris’s wedding before heading back to Idaho to run the Main Salmon with friends.
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Summers coming

Just finished my first 22day raft/mountain course of the year. Oregon has been desperately hanging onto spring with lots of snow in the mountains and the river still high. The first week on the river was made even better by Benny Kaiser coming over from Australia and coming on the river with me for a couple of days and then me getting to instruct for a couple of days. I then decided to take my skis into the first section of the mountains (yes – for work!). I only had to carry them for the first mile and the last two of 5 days and got to ski all over the Sisters Wilderness. Summer is finally here though, right in time for my 1.5 days off between two 25 day blocks of work. 1.5 days of climbing at Smith trying to avoid the heat interspersed with lots of good food and drink. Now back to work.

Benny perfecting his baking while employed as my personal chef (meaning I had even less to do than normal on the river)

Probably my favourite shot so far with the fisheye lens – Nadia, Drew and I on the gear boat on the lower Deschutes
Watching the sunset from the Cheat Grass on the Lower Deschutes.
Evening circle on the river.
My canp on the NW ridge of Broken top waiting to get some sunset shots of the Sisters
One of the shots.

Another Fisheye shot. Trevor, Erin and Bri playing farkle (yes that s a game) in their tent at night. 22min exposure.
A cool bug a student gave me at course end.
The day off – Ashley leading in the shade at Smith.

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