Trying to stay warm on the beach at Keppoch, Arisaig as the sun goes down.

I am a Mountaineering Instructor and Outdoor Educator that is lucky enough to get to some very beautiful places for work.  When I am not working I am again in beautiful places usually engaged in Climbing, Mountaineering, River Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Rafting, Hiking or Sailing and taking photographs.  Spending large amounts of time in the wilderness means that I get to see the light change as the days and weeks progress allowing me to capture images as they unfold.  I do occasionally go out with specific photos in mind but am more usually found halfway up a climb trying to get a shot while my partner puts up with me (sometimes patiently!).

I use a Canon 6D, a Manfrotto tripod (when I can be bothered to carry it) with Canon L 16-35 f2.8, Canon L 24-105 f4, Canon 100-400m and a Sigma 14mm f2.8 lenses.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I occasionally sell  prints or stock images for magazines etc, please let me know if that interests you.  If not please look around the galleries or check out the blog to see what I have been up to recently.

Ali Rose


My photos have been used in the following websites and publications

Outward Bound Australia Website – http://www.outwardbound.org.au/

North West Outward Bound Website – http://www.nwobs.org/

Alabama Outward Bound Website – http://www.alabamaoutwardboundschool.org/

A to Z expeditions Website – http://www.azexpeditions.com/

Kaf Adventures Website – http://www.kafadventures.com/

Outward Bound USA Catalogue (2010.2011,2012)

Outward Bound Calendar (2011)

Human Kinetics “Introduction to Recreation and Leisure” (textbook)

Canoe Focus Magazine