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This month has mainly been about boats.  I had some assessments and continued professional development that I needed to do and managed to book various courses surrounded by paddling work and a bit of training for myself.  This tuned out to be the best use for June anyway with lots of rain falling at the start of the month and the wild weather continuing throughout the month.  Its been great to be back in a sea kayak and canoe and all the brilliant places they can get to.  This has culminated with doing a trip that I have wanted to do for some time.  I always pictured doing the “Morar – Nevis Loop” by sea kayak but when offered the chance to do it for work and by canoe I jumped at the chance.  931A3405

Ian Carter going for a quick sunset paddle on Loch Venacher while he and I were out assessing a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Group.931A3415

Spring in the forest on the shores of Loch Venacher.


A very low Roy River.  This would have been too high to paddle (for me) within two days of this photo as we got a months rainfall in a day!931A3436

Bob setting off down the Lower Roy.  Bob joined me for a couple of days of professional development, bringing me up to date on skills for the confusingly named “Moderate Water Canoe Leader” qualifcation.  Bob and I last paddled this section (Roy – Spean) on our 4 star White Water assessment over 10 years ago!931A3444

Bob lining one of the rapids on the Roy931A3460

Showing me how its done on the Spean.  Needless to say Bob did this a lot nice than I did!931A3495

In amongst lots of canoeing and Sea kayaking I have managed to snatch some good weather days for heading into the mountains for both work and play.  A group from the 24 CDO watching the sunset from Coire Lagan in the Cuillin.

Finally at the end of the portage.  I was out last week assessing a Gold Duke of Edinburgh team from the High School of Glasgow.  They had a loose plan of paddling up loch Morar, portaging into Loch Nevis, paddling up this and then back round to Mallaig via Inverie.  Great to be out with a well trained and motivated group of teenagers.  They didnt even complain at the portage (though it did take them a few hours!)931A3618

Some food after the portage at the church at Tarbet.

Kyles of Knoydart931A3824

The group looking out towards the Small isles on their last night.931A3838

Leaving the last camp at the edge of Inverie Bay.  You can just make out the statue of Mary overlooking the bay.931A3845Final paddle up the sands of Morar to complete the loop.

Now sorting paddling kit and changing it over for some hot weather gear as I’m off to Southern Tanzania for a month.  Hopefully some photos of big animals!

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