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Busy May Days

It has been a very busy May for me but have managed to get out and about a wee bit.  A couple of days out climbing and walking with Hannah but have not had my camera on me most of the time!

A couple of photos from the last wee while.IMG_0647

Hannah looking very pleased with herself in her new jacket.  We nipped up to Gear Aonach to climb – warning to anyone who goes up there the routes are not quite what you would expect, we totally failed to find one and then climbed what was meant to be a classic!  Not quite but still good fun


Hannah seconding up “The Magpie”. meant to be a classic VS but was a bit mediocre.  made worse by me going the wrong way!IMG_0659Up on Carn Mor Dearg looking at the North Face of the Ben.  Still so much snow around!


So much snow!photo1 High tide with the “thrift” poking through.  My life seems to be very focused on when low tide is right now!

Below – Staff enjoying another great sunset from the behind the main house.


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