April part 1

April has been busy.  So busy in fact that I am going to put up two posts today.  I complained at one point this winter that my photography seems to be taking a back seat to a few things but actually I think it might be more a case of not having the time to process the images I take.  Probably means its time to work on a new workflow but anyway……  April has been amazing with Hannah getting back, Beautiful weather, cold mornings and some random bits of work taking me to some different places.

IMG_0480_1In the Devils Pulpit Gorge with Bob Tayler.  This was absolutely freezing but absolutely stunning.  IMG_0487


IMG_0495Bob was doing a bit of staff orientation/training and we were looking at the risk assessments for the Gorge – and shivering!  Bob, Craig and someone whose name I have forgotten contemplating another plunge!

Then I picked Hannah up from the Airport after 2 months in Dubai

and we headed out climbing the next day Alfie.  Above – Alfie trying to get a hold of the finishing jug on “Resurrection” in Glen Nevis
IMG_0532Alfie leading “Damnation” on Styx buttress



Hannah seconding “Damnation” with snow on the hills behindIMG_0547

Alfie “aspirant mountain guide” Tipler belaying Hannah up the classic “Secretaries Direct” on Secretaries buttress

Then it was off down to Glasgow for some Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions.

IMG_0565Looking North near Lix Toll
IMG_0570Its not just beautiful views and climbing – doing my paperwork at the end of the day on the Bronze expedition

Spring is definitely here.IMG_0575Great wee campsite with the sun setting behind
IMG_1369Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition on Loch Lomond.  Its a while since I did a canoe expedition for work and I had forgotten the luxuries!
IMG_1371Stormy days ahead

The waterfalls at Inversnaid.  I took this before I knew that I would spend 36hrs camped right by the waterfalls unable to go anywhere with my group due to the high winds.090

Its always sunny on the internet – Tim, Tim and Karen at the end of the Silver expedition gaining some comfort from the Aberfoyle chip van, Tims umbrella the knowledge that their students are probably damper than they are.

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