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I thought I try and fit one last post in from Hong Kong before its time for fun and adventures once more.  Yesterday was my last day of work for a while after another busy season with Asia Pacific Adventure.  The last month has been pretty busy with work and bad weather which has meant no climbing and not really anything much except work actually.  November and the horrific Mo came to and end finally and I am back to not having an itchy upper lip.  I did have a slightly more relaxed week at work last week and managed to take some photos on program.

 Chisum, Ken and I (the dream team?) at the end of another program in the Beer Garden and the last day with the handlebar style moustache! – Yes Ken is drinking half pints!

 Not taking a nap – Miles tried to hide in the rubber tubes so we pushed him over.

 Kyle bringing the dragon boat home at Wong Yi Chau last week.  It was overcast and rainy most of the week but still a lot of fun (especially seeing as we were staying in dorms!)

 An old abandoned house at Wong Yi Chau village in Sai Kung.  There are loads of these old villages in the new territories but less and less people living in them.  Its amazing to walk along and come across these buildings that probably had people living in them not long ago.

 The Swimming pool in Luk Wu gorge.  No swimming this week but it was beautiful hiking weather.

 Black and White HDR shot of Wong Yi Chau pier.

 The 2012 staff team.

Another shot from the end of SPCC.  5 photo stitch.  L-R – James, Ant, Curtis, Al, Adam, Gabby, Gnani. Eben, Choy, Kyle.

Today I have a new climbing rope uncoiled, a pile of quickdraws and am trying to pack my bags.  Hannah flies in in a couple of hours and then its off on adventures for the next while – first stop a sport climbing trip to Yangshou…..

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