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Slowly getting cooler

Hong Kong is slowly cooling down and becoming a little less humid.  This means more climbing on the big crags and possibly even wearing trousers in the evenings in a couple of weeks time.  I actually cant wait till I first have to put on a fleece.  I have managed to get out climbing quite a bit over the last few weeks as work has not been too busy and the breeze has been pretty constant making the big crags of Lion Rock and Temple crag viable options.  Lots of days climbing with Giles (who always seems to be ill) and an assorted crew of others has as ever allowed me to get to less visited parts of Hong Kong.  Apart from climbing theres been the usual round of eating and drinking with friends and the occasional music session.

 A rare photo of me climbing.  I dont always wear tights.  Thanks to Curtis for taking the shot, a brilliant day at central crags a few weeks ago with Giles, Curtis and Kyle.

 Some of the crew hanging out at the bottom of Austin Powers crag at Central.  L-R Elle, Jake and Gabby (looking in disgust at Giles on Dr Evil I think)

 Giles on “Dr Evil” 6c+/7a depending on reach and dyno ability.

 Nasty looking monkey on the way to Lion rock.  One of these went for me taking a photo of it later.

 Giles struggling to keep his feet on the rock on “Austrian Staircase” on Lion Rock.  Higher up this route I thought I saw a snake in the same crack my fingers were in.  Not my most controlled climbing but at least I stayed on (yelling “snake, snake, snake”).  Turned out to be a large Gecko.

 Sunset over the ferry at my home town Yung Shue Wan, Lamma

 Miles and Letty in the their new house complete with fridge and red horse beer.

 Limited drink choices at the end of the night

 Giles seconding the first pitch of “Silent Prayer” 6a on temple crag.  A bit hot for slab climbing but great fun.

 Miles going for the only good hold on pitch one.

 3rd pitch of Silent prayer with Giles and Miles.  Lots of banter climbing as a three.  Small world to be multipitch cragging in Hong Kong with three people who all used to work for the same place in Scotland at different times.

Miles “this is kind of like Dun Caan” Mconville high above Lantau island.

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