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Island life and Jolly nights

Keeping this blog going while I dont have electricity is proving to be a bit of a challenge but the photography opportunities in the hebrides are endless so I will keep at it.  It doesn’t seem long since my last post which is probably because days off have been few and far between.  I am now however into my big break of the summer before things get really busy.  Life on the island continues with beautiful sunsets, fun times and the odd night in our own bar the “Jolly Roger”.  The highlight of any course is always the expedition, a chance to explore one of the fantastic remote islands of the inner hebrides, cook on open fire, swim in rock pools and check out the wildlife and rocky coastlines.  Below is a selection of pictures from the last few weeks.

Shag eggs on the west coast of A’Chuili

 My Employers – Torquil and Margaret dressed up as the Queen and Prince Philip for the Jubille

 Jubilee lunch in the main house

 Pete keeping things going (with Adrian helping) in the Jolly Roger

 Bog Cotton with Dun connel and Garvellach from Eilean Dubh Mor

 The Small island between Dun Connel and Garvellach at sunset

 Last light from Eilean Dubh Beag

 Ailsa (the biggest poser in the world) kissing a Scorpion fish

Looking north in the sound of luing on a still evenings paddle
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Trying to fit it all in

My days off over the last month have been exactly as I remember the best days off in Scotland being.  Big days climbing or on the hill, nights camped in beautiful places with great people.  Below is a selection of photos from the last month.

 A day out on Etive slabs with (from left to right) Nadia, Hannah, Wee Ben, Gloria and myself.  We climbed Spartan slab with Nadia and I topping out last at about 9pm to get back down to the glen to find a fire going and dinner cooked.

 Nadia enjoying a bit of scottish slab climbing!

 The Yellow van Club – Stu’s, mine and Ben’s parked at the head of Loch Etive

 Halfway along the Aonach Eagach ridge with Stu, Iona, Nadia, Gloria and Hannah with of course a dinner in the Clachaig Inn at the end of the day.

 While Nadia was in Scotland we headed out early one morning to look for the “Captains Bothy” otherwise known as Carlottas Eyrie – on of the most spectacular coastal bothies I have seen.  The door is accessed by climbing up some slabs with an in situ rope to help you along…

 Messing around on expedition on the Island of Lunga.  The sundial says its time to go find a cave to sleep in.

 Hannah and I set off to have a massive course break fitting in as much climbing as possible.  This is taken on the first night at about 9pm before starting the Cuillin Ridge on Skye.  We bivied on the ridge, finished it the next day, drove to Ben Nevis, Slept, Climbed “Centurion” on the Ben (with Hannah in one approach shoe/one climbing shoe), drove to glen coe and climbed “Agags Groove” on the Buachille the next day in the pouring rain before heading back to work.

 Hannah and I about to start the Cuillin traverse at about 9pm on the summit of Garbh Bheinn the most southerly peak of the 14 peaks that make up the ridge (11km of lots of scrambling, climbing and abseiling)

 Hannah seconding up the crux pitch of Centurion – you might just be able to spot that her left foot is in an approach shoe after she forgot one shoe….

 Cuillin ridge shortly after dawn

Sunset from Back of Keppoch.
On sadder news my friend Doug passed away recently from cancer.  Doug was an amazing inspirational guy who had a story for every occasion,  Below is a selection of photos of Doug in his element on Staff training on the Deschutes river. Not sure why I shot them all in black and white but it does seem to suit.

 Doug telling another story

 Justin, Doug and Mike watching a flip drill.

Doug surrounded by staff at the Ed Rogers flag on the lower deschutes.

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