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Heading off to Yangshou, China tonight for some climbing and a bit of a holiday but thought I would throw some photos up on the blog taken in the last few weeks. Its been a busy couple of weeks and that added to the main lens I use slowly dieing has meant that I have not been taking quite as many photos as usual…

Pak Sha Wan (Hebe Haven) at night with Ma On Shan in the background (Ma On Shan is the peak) taken from Wong Sui Seng. Hong Kong folks might know this better as the peninsular W of Sai Kung with Trio beach on it.
The patter of tiny feet – I took a couple of these as some students ran around on an evening scavenger hunt at Wong Sui Seng
The 21st floor – Probably taken around 7am, the first challenge of every program is getting all the (correct) gear from the store on the 21st floor into the back of the truck on the 5th floor!
Bioluminescence – probably the brightest I have ever seen on the Wan Tsai peninsular. This image is not photoshoped, this was a couple of minutes of exposure at a high ISO speed with about 15 people chucking rocks into the water the whole time. The far small pin pricks of light are probably fish breaking the surface for food.
Hong Kong signs never fail to amuse. Taken with my new fancy pants Ipod after my very old one gave up the ghost.

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