Leaving America

I am now safely back in the UK and thought I would put up one last post from America. Both before and after the Grand Canyon trip I was at the wonderful Red Rocks, just outside Vegas. To use my best american we were “rolling deep” as there was between 4-12 of us hanging out and climbing. Hanging out included playing the penny slots for free drinks in the casinos, hitting up the all you can eat buffets and “poaching” hot tubs at the big hotels (the marriot scored the highest). But enough of that – heres some climbing photos.

Steve “Bauminator, Crusher, Bigwater” Baume showing how to climb for a photographer on a horrible route at moderate mecca on a day where Dave “smokey eye jesus” Wilson, Steve and I climbed the worst routes we could find. I think this is the 5.10 furthest to the right.
Jason working hard even after the local told him that “the good holds come off now, probably 5.12”. In the black Corridor and supposed to be 5.11b or c

Jor-El and Meagan looking a little worried in the Black corridor. We spent a day being “those people” with 10 of us going to the busiest crag at red rocks on one of the busiest days of the year.

Dave and Ryan checking things out
Clare (She might actually be smiling) climbing Cannibal Crack
Amber “I dont lead climb and no-one ever takes photgraphs of me” Guzzardo. Leading at “panty wall”
The back of my van (now at the wreckers yard) being used as the gear dumping ground.
Lenka cruising Yak Crack (5.11c) at the Gallery. Lenka onsighted the route as far as the last bolt, climbed past and then down climbed back from the chains three times because she didnt want to fall!
Lisa showing great style on Yaak Crack – a perfect place to practice falling we discovered.
Ryan, in the middle of his and Lenka’s lets climb dirty looking offwidths week, climbing “Chrysler Crack” at Sandstone quarry. (5.9)
Ryan and Steve turning my van into a proper motorhome as we move campsites.

Now I am back in the UK for a while it seems. Some work, a trip to Holland, Christmas and then hopefully lots of time in the mountains……
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