River of No Return – Again

I finally have some down time after a hectic few weeks with a lot of river miles. Straight after driving 10hrs (actually I slept in the back) from Idaho, I was at Rach and Chris’s wedding and then back in the car to drive back to run the Main fork of the Salmon (the section above the Lower). Somewhere in there I tore some muscles in my lower back making me a passenger for the trip but I did manage to row a couple of miles and do a little kayaking.
I previously ran this in 2009 but had swine flu for the whole of this section (we ran all the way through the lower in 2009). It was great to be back on the river and be alive for it this time! (http://mountainstothesea.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html)

HDR shot at sunset from our layover camp.
This clown appeared on the last night (Jay Miller)
Whitney and Jay coming through Vinegar creek rapid (Class 3)
Campfire and Moonlight
Lenka, Jr and Michael.
Danni and Jay cooking another epic breakfast.
Hot Tub Hotsprings – the whole crew. Nadia, Michael, Southard, Danni, Whitney, Mourar, Baume, Jr, Jay, Lisa, Lenka, Me and Jeff.
Jr, Lisa and Whitney dropping into the new rapid at Black Canyon Creek (the creek blew out this spring pushing boulders into the Salmon)
Lenka and Nadia making it through another rapid
Mourar and Jay playing horseshoes in camp.
HDR shot looking back at the fire that was following us down the river.
Looking back upriver above Black canyon rapid.

Now I am getting ready to pack up and head on my annual pilgrimage up to Mazama washington.
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  1. janetj September 19, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Good blog, Ali, and I hope your back is OK now?

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