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Now up in Mazama, Washington I decided to stop on my way up for a little hike up to Hidden Lake fire lookout. I started to hear about this place a couple of years ago and then came across some night photographs of it on Steph Abeggs awesome website This hike is described as “one of the finest hikes on the face of the planet” as well as the toilet at the abandoned fire lookout winning “the most scenic latrine” award from backpacker magazine. After hammering my van up the dirt road to the trail head, I raced the sunset up the mountain all the while questioning why I was doing this after ten hours of driving and little sleep the night before. I gained height and more views but kept questioning whether this could really be that spectacular.

Looking down on Hidden Lake on the way up the ridge.
Looking into the fire lookout with the fisheye lens – this place is amazing! There is a small library of books about the local area, a wood buring stove, a double bed and the most spectacular views. It seems like there is strong group of volunteers keeping this place going.
The view out of two sides of the lookout – The clouds cleared just after I got to the lookout giving me views of the whole of the North Cascades. (you might need to click on this to get the full effect)
The toilet. Probably is the most scenic I’ve had the pleasure of visiting but could be topped by the old toilet at Allt Scheicheachan bothy (the one above Pitlochry)
Another view of the lookout just before sunset.

Lit up with some candles. That is not in fact the sunset (approx 10pm) but the lights from Seattle I think.

Just a couple more days hanging out, climbing and taking photos before I start work where I will be hanging out, climbing and taking photos for the next 20+ days with the Fall Washington Instructor Course.
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River of No Return – Again

I finally have some down time after a hectic few weeks with a lot of river miles. Straight after driving 10hrs (actually I slept in the back) from Idaho, I was at Rach and Chris’s wedding and then back in the car to drive back to run the Main fork of the Salmon (the section above the Lower). Somewhere in there I tore some muscles in my lower back making me a passenger for the trip but I did manage to row a couple of miles and do a little kayaking.
I previously ran this in 2009 but had swine flu for the whole of this section (we ran all the way through the lower in 2009). It was great to be back on the river and be alive for it this time! (

HDR shot at sunset from our layover camp.
This clown appeared on the last night (Jay Miller)
Whitney and Jay coming through Vinegar creek rapid (Class 3)
Campfire and Moonlight
Lenka, Jr and Michael.
Danni and Jay cooking another epic breakfast.
Hot Tub Hotsprings – the whole crew. Nadia, Michael, Southard, Danni, Whitney, Mourar, Baume, Jr, Jay, Lisa, Lenka, Me and Jeff.
Jr, Lisa and Whitney dropping into the new rapid at Black Canyon Creek (the creek blew out this spring pushing boulders into the Salmon)
Lenka and Nadia making it through another rapid
Mourar and Jay playing horseshoes in camp.
HDR shot looking back at the fire that was following us down the river.
Looking back upriver above Black canyon rapid.

Now I am getting ready to pack up and head on my annual pilgrimage up to Mazama washington.
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Busy Weeks

Just back from the lower Salmon after a busy couple of weeks. I had promised Brie that I would climb the Monkey with her before the end of the season. Time was getting shorter so we headed out for an evening ascent of “Monkey off my Back” (5.9, Ao) during my prep days. Then on to the Deschutes river as a course director then straight back to base to prep the for the next river (in Idaho) the Lower Salmon family and Adult course.

Brie pulling through the final aid moves before the final pitch as the sun goes down (we topped out at sunset)
The stars spinning around the north star with a group camped below on the Deschutes river (camped at Ed Rogers)
Mike Mourar running the right side of Oak Springs with his umbrella up.
Paddle cat flip drills on the Lower Salmon (Caitlin and Lauren)
Part of the massive lightning storm that passed over us on the 4th day on the Salmon. My camera was the only thing that was dry during this – I could have rung my sleeping bag out the next morning!
Making dinner
One of the best things about work – working with good friends, Meagan, Myself and Nadia dressed for success.
I have been working on this a bit this summer – an HDR image of rafts in camp. (Three images at different exposures overlayed on top of each other to bring out more vibrancy)

Now I just have to get ready for Rach and Chris’s wedding before heading back to Idaho to run the Main Salmon with friends.
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