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Black and White World

Today was my first real day back at work for the year though I seem to have made more days into work days recently (when the weathers bad) which will hopefully pay dividends later. Bad weather or rather cloudy skies have made me try and understand black and white photography a little more so here is a selection of black and whites from the last couple of weeks (as well as a sneaky one from Scotland in January). This spring I am again working the Oregon Wilderness Educators Course for 50 days this time joined throughout by Levi and selected appearances from others as the days progress. The last couple of weeks have been great to catch up and climb and ski with lots of people and slowly get ready for the long block of work ahead.

Looking back down the ridge from Three Fingered Jack toward Mt Washington on a dark and lonely ski up through the old burnt trees.
Max leading something (?) at Trout Creek – a new climbing area for me – in the bitter cold (there was snow on the ground!)
Amber pulling through the top move of “Voyage of the Cowdog” (5.9) at Smith Rock with the Crooked River far below. (this is the third and final pitch)
Classic central oregon, Big Old Truck for Sale in a beautiful place (the Three Sisters behind)
Thad leading “JR Token” (5.10) at Trout Creek
The Scottish one – Buachille Etive Mor on a very cold morning with lots of Ice in the Etive river
Steve Baume climbing “Teddy bears picnic” (5.10) at Smith Rock.

First up for work will be the 9 day rock camp at the beautiful Smith Rock.
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