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The Everglades take 1

Just back in Key Largo, Florida after a week long Vets course in the Everglades. It was great to put some big mile days in in the canoes and see the beauty of the Glades again. That was until the bugs turned up near the end pushing us to launch early from our solo site at the Gulf of Mexico (shark point) and paddle our last 30 miles back through the night chased by “no-see-ums” (midgees). The wildlife in the everglades is definitely one of the highlights for along with the challenge of trying to stay comfortable in
humid conditions while mosquitos and midgees try and eat me alive (I still itch all over).

“Tony the trash Gator”

“Tony the trash Gator” watches the Vets as they discuss what they would do in a fight with a gator – my moneys on the vets.
Evening meeting on a “chickee” There is not much land in the Everglades national park so its either chickees or “boarding up” (basically making a raft out of the canoes)
Paddling up the Roberts River.
My co-instructors Jinky and Alex catching a nap on a chickee at lunchtime
Two White Ibis take flight (thanks Ann-Marie for correcting me on my bird identification!).
Roberts River Chickee at sunset.
Sailing across the edge of “whitewater bay” headed for the gulf of mexico – if we hadn’t found a following wind this would have been a very long day.
The Suns rays as we cross Oyster bay headed back inland on our last long paddle through the night.
Now I have a couple of days to hang out in the Keys before one more Everglades Trip. Hoping for some better dolphing shots this time
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Bob and Clare Taylor

Thought I would throw a few photos up on here so people should be able to click and it will download to your computer (Actually that does not appear to be working but they should still download somehow!).
Not too many proper weddingy ones as there was proper photographer with a couple of very big cameras, but some funny ones the people might want (i have tried to leave them in their large format though this may be an excuse to sit in the coffee shop longer). Next up maybe some skiing and climbing then back to work again in the mighty everglades.

English people should not be allowed to wear Kilts
Iona and Sue at the top of the poleThe Scottish Mafia
Kilts and Hawain Shirts – hopefully someone got better photos of this
Sue and Iona on top of the pole
Clare throwing the Bouquet – Iona and Stu let me know when the wedding is!
For the Island Crew
Maybe it should just be Bob who is not allowed to wear a kilt
Ninian and Fraser on stage (I love the drunken lean toward Fraser)
Ceilidh Dancing
Robin at speech time
Waiting for the Dancing to start
The lovely couple on top of the pole

A stolen shot from behind the proper photographer
Two models who turned up – Ha!

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Climbing, Driving, Climbing, Driving

I dont really want to think about how many hours I have spent in my van recently but it has definitely been worth it, First up a drive up to Vantage from Eugene then over to Smith and back and then a rather random decision to drive to Red rocks. (for the non americans – eugene to red rocks is 7 hrs each way and eugene to red rocks is close to 17hrs each way). Vantage was amazing with mainly good climbing condition, occasionally it would threaten to rain but still be dry on the rock, red rocks was surprisingly warm with some usualy suspects floating around (Paul, Sarah, Stu, Erin, Ruth, Megan, Baume it was great to be there if only briefly).

The Adventure mobile parked up below the feathers
Evening sun on the rocks

Paul and steve hanging out after a long day
Steve “blue steel” baume cruising on balls wall

Paul “jet sendler” Trendler cruising.
Walking in
Me climbing Black Magic

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