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The North Cascades

My block of work steadily got bigger after the Sea kayaking section with a switch from a 7 day back packing course with Military Veterans to working the Mountain section (and then the practicum) section of the Instructors course. Amazingly after getting some pretty nasty weather in the sea section we then had 3 weeks of blue skies (unheard of in the North Cascades at this time of year) meaning that I didnt need to carry the umbrella or the new jacket that I bought especially for this work, oh well.

Sunset on the grandstand

Rainbow over copper basinZak learns to navigate
Camp in Temple basin
Nico watching the dawn from the Grandstand
Turtle lake at night (32min exposure and the light trails are me running around lighting up the tents)
out ressupply on day 7
My hot drink bag
Fall Colours
The mountain goats that stopped me summiting Copper peak as I had to guard our bags
Sunset in Turtle lake

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