15 days

Just finished a 15day rafting and mountaineering course with 8 16-18year old boys and my co-instructor John. One week on the river and one in the beautiful Mt Jefferson wilderness (a first for all of us) was a great way to finish my season of work here in oregon with lots of lake swimming, a summit of Goat peak and some dusty trails. I am now just waiting for a local mechanic to put my van back together so I can drive to the other side of the mountains and hang out with whitney for a bit before heading to the north cascades (washington) and some sea kayaking in the san juan islands. The busy part of my year is over and life is beginning to look more and more exciting.

Trying not to hike to close to the students as they kick up dust on the trail.
The storm that followed us for a couple of hours before finally breaking right over our heads resulting in a bit of time in “lightning drill”
Jumping onto the summit of jefferson. I went up to scout the route on Goat peak and spent some time messing around
Solo debrief at table lake. We managed to squeeze a 38hr solo into the mountain section.
John hiding a snickers bar from the students at our high bivy before the summit day
Sunset and moon rise over the cascades (front to back – three finger jack, mt washington, the sisters and broken top)
on the summit of goat peak just after sunrise. (mt jefferson in the background)

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