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Work, work and more work

Its hard to count myself as an outdoor educator right now considering how much time I am spending in the office but I cant really complain as I get to dash into the field to see one of the 4 groups briefly and still live near some amazing places. So just a few photos of the last couple of weeks. Slightly misarranged but some time spent on Mt Washington (a new one for me) with a group and some photos of the bouldering on our basecamp and just up the road at the beautiful Whychus creek. (Yes, climbing friends I will admit to bouldering!)
Not long now to a short flight to see my Anna (my sister) in Australia for a week…………

on the summit of Washington looking south to the sisters.
My intermittent home (note the Jet boil behind)
Jor-El down at Whychus Creek
Ryan demonstrating perfect spotting technique for Frank on one of the problems on our base
Ryan on “the brick” traverse
Whitney, Kelsey and Ashley at Whychus creek
Kelsey and Karl coming up the ridge on our reconnaissance of mt washington
A groups headlamps moving in camp as the stars move overhead (on the river)
A long slow sunset over three fingered jack and mt jefferson from the north ridge of Mt washington

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