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Work or Play

So the Spring “Wilderness Educators Course” is in full swing but currently in the first aid section so I have had a weird mix of work and play recently. The internet is embarrassingly slow so hence the low resolution of the pictures. Sometimes work and play melds into one and below is a few photos from the last couple of weeks. Before course I was hanging out and climbing with whitney then climbing with students then more climbing and a recert of my First Aid…. then more kind of work and sort of climbing. Next up the mighty Deschutes river.

Play before work. Ryan at the base of a route we wanted to climb this morning. Unfortunately we had not realised that it was going to be around 25degreesF. we got one pitch off the ground and went for coffee before work – this was 615am
Play – the day before the WFR recert I got a couple of climbs in with whitney (not seen but belaying in this shot) and Emily
Play – Whitney climbing a very weird 5.8 on redwall at smith. (we went and got fries and pizza shortly after this as it was so cold)
Work (you can tell its work by the matching helmets) some of my students climbing at “the textbooks” in the gorge at Smithg.
Work – Santiago looking for the good hold on “thin air” at koala rock.
Work – another cold evening lesson at Smith rock.
Work? Pizza in the office with Kelly J and ryan before the students show up on day one
Play – the problem with packing you bag at 525am to go climbing is that you cant quite see what you are grabbing – this morning after a failed attempt to climb “heathens progress” at smith.

Thats all for now – my life looks a little like – week on the deschutes river, some time in the sisters mountains in the snow, 5 days on the owyhee and a final short trip to mt hood…….
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