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River of No Return

Just back from a Staff/Personal Trip on the main and lower salmon river. The Salmon is the largest undammed river in the USA (maybe thats only in the lower 48 states – not sure) and flows through the “River of no Return” wilderness (biggest in the lower 48) in Idaho and on to where it joins the Snake river at the border with Oregon. Both the lower and the main section usually take a week on their own but we decided to float them both together. Somewhere in the mix we did not fully work out that these “normal” sections have quite a few miles between them as well as a town called Riggins.

We gathered in Boise, shopped then drove a long way on some windy roads (it took us a day and a bit) to the put in at corn creek. We rafted the full 2 sections (and the 58 miles inbetween) in 12 days with one layover day making a total of around 210-220 miles (havent quite got around to working it out). The weather was extremely kind to us and we ended up with blue skies, warm(ish) water, a great water level and white sand beaches to camp on every night.
I now have one more week off before I start work up in Washington.
The photos (are in a back to front order – you may want to scroll from the bottom up)
Flatwater rafting – rafted up on the snake with (front to back) mike m, steve s, ashley, Mike c and steve B
The last of the salmon – coming up to confluence with the snake in the early morning (the little dots on the river are boats)
The Steves row into China bar rapid on the Lower River
Looking a little confused in Riggins were we ressupplied some food and swapped lisa for ashley. We did here that 72 sorority girls were in town but we were a day too late.
Steve S scouts Vinegar Creek rapid while Mike M Kayaks
Yet another white sand beach to call home
In the “hot tub” hot springs on the second day on the main salmon – steve b and mike m are bottom of the photo, steve s smiling and mike C and lisa making lunch
Lisa Rows through Salmon falls on the main salmon
Planning session in Wallmarts parking lot
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