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30 days and 30 nights

Just got off my last stint for OB, a 30day rock, mountain, river course. The course was great, working with a new staff member Trevor and alongside Paul (another new staff member) and amber. The course is pretty relaxed to start with in the rock climbing section and then an all out push north through the cascades bagging as many peaks as possible then a more relaxed 5 days on the river to finish. I worked this course last year but it doesnt get any less beautiful and i did get to some different spots this time. So here are some photos…..Looking north up the cascades at sunset, we are eventually headed to the midde of the three peaks (from closest they are washington, three fingered jack and Jefferson)
Paul climbing the summit “chossy” pitch of three fingered jack – the rope is not actually tied to paul in this picture!
Crazy light over Broken top as a thunder storm moves over at dusk
Two students (haley and carl) watch the dawn mist over lower burley lake in the Jefferson wilderness. (day 20something)
Three fingered jack and lower burley lake a welcome oasis of swimming and relaxing after climbing the mountain
A Brocken spectre at dawn while fixing lines on three fingered jack
Paul watches a cold damp dawn on Three fingered jack
My group hikes through a field of lupin in the sisters wilderness
Me jumping for joy at our high bivy spot (prouty point) after summiting middle sister, photo taken by a student (Zack)Me with no eyelashes left on my left eye after rescuing a stove – frustrating as my eyelids kept sticking together in a velcro like fashion
Students hide from an epic hail storm just after getting off solo.
Hiking up the upper snow creek drainage, sisters wilderness

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