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Too busy for photos?

So I have actually been working but for once not taking photos (which is weird as my camera was with me). I did come across some old photos that made me laugh though so they are posted below.

I have been around base in Oregon doing some training and then out on a Veterans course (Iraqi vets not just old people!) rafting and climbing followed by two days helping out with a rock camp at Smith rock. Unfortunately I still havent broken my record or 9 lead climbs in a day whilst working but I’ll keep trying. Work has been great with the afternoon storms keeping us on our toes. The best example of this was me standing in the middle of a lava field waving my arms to signal to my co-instructor as the rain started and the Lightning cracked off the rim behind me. Despite the storms Oregon is heating up so I am again looking forward to the river. I have a couple of days off right now to get some personal climbing done before a couple of days in the office and then a 22day rafting and mountaineering course.
Anyway the “back in the day” photos (okay so some are not that old!)
The northern Corries in the afternoon light, not sure when this was taken but guessing either a day out with Dad, Snow holing with Alex or maybe an abortive attempt on something with Ruaridh??
Alex (without helmet) coming up the couliour on Coire nan Lochan in the Cairngorms. This was part of the plan to solo an easy route on every crag in the central Cairngorms in a weekend. Started in the Lodge bar then….. up, down, up, down, up, snowhole on the summit, some more climbing and finally missing the ferry to work after an epic drive across scotland. (check out how busy it is down in the Couliour!!)
In the (damp) snow hole at Garbh Uisge Beag with Alex and our matching down jackets.
Alex climbing the head wall to the Couliour in Coire nan Lochan below a rather snowless Cairngorm plateau. (2004?)
Along time ago… Me leading the eastern traverse on Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis. (photo taken by Mark (sorry i forgot your last name)) (2002)
Mark doing some deep slogging into Tower Gap on the Ben. (2002?)
Bob and me racing across the Rua Fiola mud pit (2004?)
A photo from Ben “Quake” Richter. me looking like a hippy on the car park boulder problem at Booroomba rocks.
Crazy Czech peter onsight soloing the pinnacle (HS/VS or US 5.8/5.9) at Little Killary crag on the west coast of Ireland.
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