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So……… Finally back in Scotland 3 years and one week since I left. I’m not really sure what has changed but its easy to see whats different. Dad has been re-introducing me to scottish food with a trip to the pub for a pint and a toastie (grilled cheese for you americans) on the way home from the airport and pie and beans for lunch today.

I flew back from the USA yesterday, subjected to two of the worst films ever made (drill bit taylor and maid of honour) on the plane. As ever my time in America was amazing especialy the people and thier kindness. Emma and I drove from Bend oregon down to los angeles hitting some beautiful places to climb and hike along the way before picking up a hire car for the way back up. We ended up back in bend chilling out, climbing and mountain biking. I feel lucky in that having now been up and down the west coast of the states it seems that I have ended up in the best part (of the pacific coast). The real question now is whether i will make it back there next year.

Below – some photos of the road trip

Welcome to America (pronounced murca if you want to sound authentic)

Me in the back of the van
The campsite the night before we climbed the SW face of Cathedral peak (seen in the background)

The Matthes Crest – the cuillin ridge of the high sierras? (thats a scottish climbing joke!)
Mount Hubris (otherwise known as “the ogre” – you can see his face) in castle crags national park. We climbed up through the left eye to the right hand summit.
The campsite at boulder creek lakes in the trinity alps
The van being “bear proofed” below cathedral peak.

Emma (bottom of the pic) on the Matthes crest

Emma doing the awkward step across on cosmic wall (mt hubris)

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  1. janetj September 26, 2008 at 10:59 am #

    great pics!

    This just to show you that I can leave messages on other people’s bologs too!


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