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End of the season

I have now finished work in the US for another year. The final course was fantastic covering a lot of ground through the mountains and finishing up on the Deschutes river once again. Emma has arrived and we are now about to head off south through California on a road trip in my friend Ryans van. Heading down inland towards Yosemite and Tuollome then probably back via the coast to fly out of portland in a months time.

anyway some photos

Luis at dawn at the base of the hayden glacier

Below – a group of students (different group) raft past as one student prepares to jump and I try and climb the crack at “nookie rock”Steve (my co-instructor) on the final fixed line on three fingered jack with mt jefferson behind

Below – its not all sunsets and summit days. learning a new skill, night one in the mountains – how to eat dinner and not be eaten (by mosquitos)storm clouds coming (jefferson wilderness)
Below- cold and unable to go anywhere, the students tied in place on their way up “three fingered jack”Storm hitting the west side of the sisters (middle on the right and north on the left)Lightning touches down about a mile away (the sisters can be seen on the right of the photo)

Below – a long day on the mountain. Beckett with mt washinton and the sisters behind. taken at around 530am having been fixing ropes up the peak for an hour. Slightly outside remit. Steve “summer ML” ironside leading up the hayden glacier on the way to middle sister with broken top in the background

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