As promised. Glaciers and stuff

The video was a fair bit of effort on my now old laptop but hopefuly is of some interest (or humor) to some. Really it is for an all staff day in a couple of weeks but is now complete. I left Australia I flew to Oregon, slept for 3 hours, got in a van and drove to mt hood (i think around 3300m+) got hammered by some scottish weather, left a lot of gear up there, retreated and then went back up for some more. Since then I have been on Lead instructor training which involved some educational stuff and also some amazing rivers including the Deschutes, the white salmon (Washington) and the Clackamas. It has rained so much here onto the epic snowpack (largest in ten years?) that all the rivers were much bigger than expected The river photos, while cold, do not really match the mountain photos but may well follow.

Apologies for the language in the movie, I only filmed when things were really going wrong…………….

okay so the video appears to have worked so here are the best of the photos

Ryan overcoming the cornice (the first good weather day)

Below – me trying not to look at where Eric want to take me. (I am probably watching an avalanche (or mt st helens) as the snow pack was pretty unstable that day) – taken by Mick.

Next one down – Drew prodding a crevasse on the Reid glacier with the rope teams silhoutted.

Next one down – Camp at Illumination saddle with Mt Jefferson beyond.

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