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Some work/home photos of Australia

Its getting colder and the stormy season looks like its arrived. My Blog appears to be working again so I thought I would get back to what I originally intended to do – put up pretty photos for people to check out. Enjoy

(I have been accused of only photographing sunsets and sunrises so have tried to throw some others in there as well!)

Storm passing in the valley (taken from outside the staff accomodation block)

Below- waiting for a group to turn up at an abseiling site

Evening sunlight over base
A couple of minutes later the kangaroos (in my garden) pulled one of my T-shirts off the line. (really – I have photographic evidence)

Evening Light on the gum trees

“Rhino” and the brumbies on the Cooleman plains

Below – Life in base camp around the fire drum

Tom and Roman cooking dinner at Cooleman base camp

Sunset from base camp, Cooleman

Sunrise in the bush

Roman in the spectacular “Claustral” canyon, blue mountains

Sunset through the bivy, Cooleman

Students on the side of Tantangra dam

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Argentina Photos

Storm clouds over “El Bolson”
On the edge of the hielio azul glacier
Looking towards the Chilean border (the small person is me)
Moraine colours below Aconcagua
Cold and windy, 1st Camp for Aconcagua

Refrugio Frey with Cerro Cathedral behind
The South face of Aconcagua, we are standing at 4200m
Laguna Frey
Oh yeah!

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