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sorry folks

cant get the photo function to work, and am about to head off to a mobile season for a couple of months. Will try when i get back.

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The kindness of friends…..

So it has taken a while to settle back into the rhythm of my australian life and not just sit daydreaming of the cascade mountains but now that I am firmly back one thing sticks out from 4 months in the USA. The people are kind of weird. Without most people knowing me too well I was lent (in no particular order) beds, crampons, tents, backpacks, cars, socks, dry tops, stoves, wetsuit shorts, mountain bikes, computers, guitars, rafts, guidebooks, books and was of course given copious amounts of good food and drink. This process was finished by Jason an old friend from hong kong who I stayed with at the end of my trip and who seemed to think it was his duty to not let me pay for anything for the 2 days i was with him and his wife.

I am currently sitting in the office and it has just turned 8 at night still waiting for one of my groups to make a call in on the radio. Unfortunately a season working for another OB school seems to have convinced the people who organise my life that i have just been on a 4 month holiday and I am now in the middle of co-ordinating 2 courses while preparing to co-ordinate another (which basically means I dont have time off for a long time). The good news is that I will have 5/6 weeks off from March the 10th so if anyone is planning any trips or looking for freelance instructors just drop me a line.

I cant really thank the people who made my US trip so amaazing enough especially those who had to share a tent and therefore my sleeptalking antics (you know who you are). I will be back

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